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A world record!Chinese scientists release 6G core technology innovation achievements

The Zijinshan Laboratory located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province recently released a new original achievement – 360-430GHz terahertz 100-200Gbps real-time wireless transmission communication experimental system, creating the world’s highest real-time transmission record for terahertz wireless communication.

It is understood that the Zijinshan Laboratory used photonic terahertz technology to achieve this breakthrough. Terahertz wireless communication is recognized as the core component of the 6G mobile communication system, and its frequency band frequency resources are extremely rich, which can support 100Gbps-1Tbps ultra-high-speed wireless communication, thereby significantly improving the peak transmission rate of the existing 5G.

This time, Zijinshan Laboratory has gathered superior forces to build a leading photonic terahertz experimental environment in China. After more than three years of overcoming difficulties, it has pioneered a real-time transmission architecture that integrates photonic terahertz fibers and achieved a single-wavelength net rate of 103.125 Gbps, dual-wavelength terahertz real-time wireless transmission with a net rate of 206.25Gbps, and the communication rate is 10 to 20 times higher than that of 5G.

It is understood that this achievement has broad application prospects and can be integrated with the existing optical fiber network to form 100-1000Gbps wireless access to achieve ultra-high-speed indoor and outdoor wide coverage; replace the existing mobile network optical fiber to achieve rapid 5G deployment; replace data centers The huge amount of cables can significantly reduce cost and power consumption; it is used in scenarios such as inter-satellite communication and integrated access to space and space.

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