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Ren Zhengfei talks about stripping glory: it can surpass Huawei and defeat Huawei

On November 17, the Glory sale case that had been rumored before finally ushered in the landing of boots. Shenzhen Zhixin signed an acquisition agreement with Huawei to complete the comprehensive acquisition of the related business assets of the Glory brand. This means that more than 30 Honor agents and distributors have become the new owners of Honor, Huawei no longer holds shares in Honor, and the two have parted ways since then.

Yesterday, Ren Zhengfei, the head of Huawei, delivered a speech at the honorable farewell party. He explained why he wants to sell Glory. An important reason is that Huawei has been continuously suppressed by the United States and cannot drag innocent people into the water because of its own suffering. What is wrong with Huawei’s agents, distributors, and suppliers?

“You (Glory) are going to share weal and woe with them, so that the dry channels can be filled with running water when the water supply is not cut off.” Ren Zhengfei said. He hopes that the spin-off Glory will quickly resume production under the leadership of Shenzhen Zhixin, and solve the difficulties of upstream and downstream partners.

After Glory becomes independent, it will no longer be able to continue to enjoy the blessing of Huawei’s technology and supply chain resources. How to achieve steady development has become a practical problem in front of us. In this regard, Ren Zhengfei put forward five suggestions:

The first is to restore channel supply as soon as possible; the second is to fully embrace global industrial resources and establish relationships with suppliers as soon as possible; the third is to unswervingly embrace globalization, and strengthen the embrace of British, American, European, Japanese, Korean and other enterprises; four It is to maintain the fine tradition that has been formed, and cadres and experts should be globalized, specialized and diversified; the fifth is to adhere to the goal and direction of struggle, and insist on doing something and not doing something.

In the past, Honor implemented a dual-brand strategy of Huawei and Honor in the Huawei family. Both parties emphasized synergy and minimized internal competition as much as possible. Now, after Huawei sells Honor, the two sides have nothing to do with each other, and even stand against each other. Whether it is smartphones or IoT, competition is inevitable. Honor wants to be Huawei’s strongest competitor in the world, surpassing Huawei, and even shouting down Huawei.

Ren Zhengfei compares Huawei’s stripping glory to a “divorce” ceremony. He believes that once “divorce”, don’t be disconnected and achieve your own goals. “You can’t be like a young man, marriage and love, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, lingering. , can’t draw the line.”

Ren Zhengfei said, don’t feel bad for Huawei, think about the future of Honor, Huawei and Honor will be competitors in the future, “You can hold ‘foreign guns’ and ‘foreign guns’, we have new ‘made in Hanyang’, new ‘big swords’ ‘, ‘Spear’, who will win and who will lose? We will not be polite to you, some of you scold Huawei during the competition, he is a hero, don’t embarrass them.”

I have to say that Ren Zhengfei’s speech at the honorable farewell party was very high-level, and the main points that should be said were covered, which made people feel impassioned and full of regret. After November 17th, Huawei and Honor have been passers-by since then. Each has its own pursuits and its own troubles. Honor can no longer count on Huawei to lend a helping hand, and Huawei will not be soft on Honor. Both parties will achieve common progress in competition. .

Come on Huawei! Come on for glory!

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