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Apple releases a new version of iOS 13: upgrade this feature too!

Today, Apple launched the second beta version of iOS 13.4. Compared with the previous update, this new version has added a lot of features.

In the latest iOS 13.4 public beta, Apple revised this design, and the Mail toolbar returned to the iOS 12 design, including four buttons: delete, move, flag, and reply.

When Apple released iOS 13 last year, iCloud Drive folder sharing was one of the main features, but it was delayed until this spring before the official release. Now, iOS 13.4 finally supports iCloud Drive folder sharing, a feature that many iPhone users have been waiting for for a long time.

In iOS 13.4, Apple added 9 new stickers, including shocked face, loving face, rolling eyes, etc., and in the shortcut app, a new Shazam It (listening to music) function was added.

In addition, iOS 13.4 also includes the CarKey API, which allows users to unlock, lock and start the vehicle using the iPhone and Apple Watch.

According to the internal documents of the system, the CarKey function is compatible with NFC-enabled vehicles. Users can unlock the vehicle by simply holding the iPhone close to the vehicle. Face ID verification is not required. The whole process is similar to the iPhone NFC bus card. It also means that the iPhone can be used to unlock the vehicle when it is out of power.

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