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Nokia and Marvell partner on 5G chip technology

BEIJING (March 12, 2020) – Nokia and Marvell today announced that they will jointly drive leading-edge 5G multiple radio access technology (RAT) innovations, including successive generations of custom silicon and network infrastructure processors, to further Expand the application range of Nokia’s ReefShark chipset to provide greater support for 5G solutions.

Nokia and Marvell are working together to develop a new generation of custom SoC chips and network infrastructure processors that combine Nokia’s unique wireless technology with Marvell’s industry-leading multi-core Arm processor platform. As part of Nokia’s 5G “Powered by ReefShark” portfolio, these new chipsets will be deployed across multiple components within the Nokia AirScale radio access solution. By deploying ReefShark, these related solutions will not only reduce size and be more energy efficient, but will also have greater capacity and higher overall performance.

Marvell’s multi-core Arm processors continue the technical advantages of the previous five generations of products, taking into account programmability and excellent performance, and can highlight the huge advantages of Nokia’s ReefShark chipset. Nokia and Marvell will continue to work together to meet the complex needs of 5G NR, 5G NSA, 5G SA and other emerging standards.

Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia, said: “This partnership underscores our ongoing commitment to expanding the variety and use of ReefShark chipsets in the company’s portfolio. This will ensure our 5G solutions deliver exceptional performance to our customers. As carriers continue to refine their 5G solutions and support growing network traffic and new vertical industry services, infrastructure and components must evolve rapidly. To better meet customer needs, it is critical to adopt the most advanced chip technology. “

Matt Murphy, President and CEO of Marvell, said: “Marvell is proud to partner with Nokia to develop next-generation 5G network solutions. Marvell’s semiconductor solutions platform for network infrastructure, combined with Nokia’s technology excellence and market leadership, will enable The rapid upgrade of future wireless networks to 5G creates new business opportunities.”

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