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vivo awarded ams with two awards: “Best Innovation Award” and “Best Delivery Award” in 2020

China, February 2, 2021 – ams AG (SIX: AMS), the world’s leading supplier of high-performance sensor solutions, announced that its Won the “Best Innovation Award” and “Best Delivery Award” at the 2020 Global Supplier Conference. More than 100 vivo suppliers participated in this selection. The double award this time proved that ams has demonstrated excellent delivery efficiency and extraordinary innovative technology research and development capabilities during its cooperation with vivo. After the meeting, Mr. Zhen Zhiqiang, Chief Procurement Officer and Senior Vice President of vivo, who is in charge of the company’s supply chain business, presented the award to ams.

As a global brand focusing on the design and development of smart phones, smart terminals and smart online services, vivo has still achieved a global sales volume of 130 million mobile phone shipments under the influence of the global epidemic situation this year. In the context of the epidemic, ams has actively responded to customer needs, continuously improved the flexibility of the supply chain, and completed deliveries with outstanding efficiency and excellent product quality.

The “Best Innovation Award” represents vivo’s consistent recognition and praise for ams in the field of technological innovation. Since 2015, ams has established a strong partnership with vivo to provide sensing technology for vivo’s smart products. In key areas such as smartphone screen Display management and image quality, ams continues to inject innovative power into vivo’s smart products. Both companies attach great importance to and actively carry out technological innovation, which has laid a solid foundation for their close cooperation.

At present, ams’ TMF8801 time-of-flight (ToF) sensor, TCS3701 under-screen optical sensor, and TCS3707 color sensor are widely used in vivo’s X-series Android professional flagship mobile phones, for OLED Display under-sensing, laser focusing (LDAF) and other technical fields to provide a strong boost. As a leader in ToF sensor products, TMF8801 is very suitable for supporting the rear mobile phone camera using LDAF, which can greatly improve the mobile phone’s fast focusing ability and captured image quality.

Mr. Zhen Zhiqiang said: “It has always been vivo’s corporate vision to build world-class smart devices and provide consumers with the ultimate product experience. We are very happy to work with ams to jointly face the market and technology from smart mobile devices. Multiple challenges in the field. As our most important business partner, ams’ support in technological innovation and product supply has ensured that vivo products are successfully launched and widely recognized by consumers.”

Chen Pinglu, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Greater China, ams, said: “We are very grateful to vivo for its recognition of ams. From the continuous innovation of full-screen display technology to the evolution of mobile display systems, the ams semiconductor industry On the basis of the organic combination of leading sensor technology and vivo’s excellent smart device products, we have achieved breakthroughs again and again in the field of smart mobile devices. We look forward to deepening cooperation with vivo in various fields such as 3D and biosensing in the future. Mutual benefit, bringing a new user experience to consumers.”