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The comprehensive power saving rate is above 50%, the application of INVT GD300-29 inverter in the construction elevator

Construction elevators are commonly used manned and cargo construction machinery in buildings, and play a vital role in the safe and efficient vertical transportation of personnel and materials.

At present, the mainstream application of the construction hoist drive scheme is the ordinary inverter + braking resistor scheme. The construction hoist using this scheme will pass through the braking resistor when it is lowered, thus generating heat and seriously affecting the comfort in the cage, and the resistance consumption will cause extreme Big power waste.

Taking the application of INVT GD300-29 series energy feedback inverters on construction lifts as an example, it introduces in detail how INVT energy feedback integrated machine solution achieves the purpose of being safer, more energy-saving and more efficient.

Lift action process

The comprehensive power saving rate is above 50%, the application of INVT GD300-29 inverter in the construction elevator

The entire system action process is to send commands to the PLC through the operating handle, and the PLC executes corresponding actions according to the commands to control a single feedback rectifier inverter, drive two 13KW motors through the worm gear reducer, and then go up and down on the rack of the standard section. Down, slow down and stop operations.

INVT energy feedback integrated machine solution

The comprehensive power saving rate is above 50%, the application of INVT GD300-29 inverter in the construction elevator

HMI: Provide on-site limit status, frequency conversion status, and interface Display of construction ladder working status

PLC: Provide construction elevator status to HMI, voice broadcast system, control limit, etc.

Voice broadcast: provide voice information of elevator status, fault information

Motor: stop running up and down the standard pitch rack through the turbine worm, with a brake coil

GD300-29 series inverter: provide drive for the lift up and down, feed back the electric energy generated by the motor to the power grid when it is lowered, and control the brake action to control the start and stop of the car cage

Using INVT GD300-29 series of energy feedback inverters, the control is simple, the power density is high, and the space is small. And INVT GD300-29 can feed back the power to the grid after the feedback rectification and inverter are integrated, eliminating the need for braking resistors, thus achieving low heat generation and low power consumption, and achieving the purpose of energy saving and high efficiency.

When the construction hoist goes down, the momentary sudden change of the moment when the gate is released and the suspension cage is affected by gravity will cause slight shaking during the start-up process. For this kind of shaking, INVT solves this problem through the positive torque, so as to achieve the effect of coexistence of safety and comfort from rising and falling to stopping, and accurately controls the lifting and lowering of the construction hoist, which is safer, more comfortable and more stable.

Program Features

(1) Integrated special filtering function, less interference

(2) Kinetic energy can be converted into electrical energy to reduce energy consumption and save the cost of resistance

(3) Standard input reactor, high power factor

(4) Voice broadcast and maintenance are relatively simple

(5) The mechanical loss of stepless speed regulation is small, no contactor is required

(6) Small power grid impact

(7) The special brake logic is controlled by the inverter with a high safety factor

(8) The special IF function can start and stop smoothly, and the comfort is high

INVT GD300-29 energy feedback integrated machine solution has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, simple control and high reliability.

Since the official batch application in 2017, after more than 4 years of market verification, the overall power saving effect is obvious, the failure rate is low, and the maintenance is convenient. Taking the measured data of a lift application as an example, after adopting the INVT energy feedback integrated machine solution, the comprehensive power saving rate is over 50%.

The innovation of energy-saving technology is the eternal theme of the construction machinery industry. Energy-saving and emission reduction must rely on the progress of energy-saving technology. Only by fully understanding the actual production situation of the industry and understanding the technical needs of the construction machinery industry can we better continuously update the construction machinery products. Serve.

INVT has more than ten years of R&D and application experience in the construction machinery industry, and will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and services through continuous innovation in the future.

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