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ZTE and Deloitte China Jointly Release White Paper on 2021 ICT Trends

On February 23, at the 2021 MWC Shanghai exhibition, ZTE and Deloitte China jointly released the “2021 ICT Trends White Paper: Determination in Uncertainty”. The white paper briefly assesses the uncertainty brought by the political and economic frictions of major powers and the new crown epidemic to the ICT industry in 2020. The increasing demand for ICT, the intersection of 5G and other technologies will promote technological and application innovation, leading digital technology companies will flood into the market, and ICT practitioners will face both opportunities and challenges.

ZTE and Deloitte China Jointly Release White Paper on 2021 ICT Trends

In this context, the white paper discusses the certainty and uncertainty of business, its root causes and countermeasures in three areas: individual, family and industry.

The white paper believes that the demand for C-side, H-side, and B-side is still increasing. The explosion of applications and services in the 5G era, and the continuous upgrading of network bandwidth function requirements are the definite trend; however, technologies, markets, products, operations and cloud-side services in various fields are There are still a lot of uncertainties, which requires operators to return to the essence of communication, build a good network, and then rely on network advantages to grasp the edge exit, realize scale cooperation through standardization, achieve application breakthroughs through customization, build intelligent middle platform, complex Use core competencies and knowledge to expand operations. In addition, the white paper also introduces the development trends of cloud and core network, edge, wireless access, terminal, bearer, chip and other technical fields.


Chen Zhiping, vice president of ZTE, said,

Changes in international political relations have led to an increasingly complex regulatory environment, increasing the difficulty of corporate compliance work, and the impact of the epidemic on the end-consumer market, which has brought uncertainty to the industry. However, the new situation has also accelerated the accumulation of social resources in the ICT field, and countries have greatly increased their investment with 5G as their future strategic direction. As a hub connecting various innovative technologies, the 5G basic network is the focus of the entire industry and society. China’s 5G network construction and terminal development lead the world. For the many uncertainties in various fields of 5G, ZTE will rely on its own strong technology and solution strength, and cooperate with strategic partners such as Deloitte to explore solutions with the whole industry.

Lin Guoen, Deloitte China Technology, Media and Telecommunications Industry Leader, said,

Deloitte and ZTE have signed a strategic cooperation agreement for two years. The cooperation between the two parties has been fruitful, sharing 5G+ICT knowledge and experience with the industry, providing partners with various knowledge and solution services, and jointly promoting industrial progress. Zhang Yao, Executive President of Deloitte China Telecom Industry, said that Deloitte will continue to rely on its deep understanding of intelligent manufacturing, give full play to the advantages of practical experience, and combine the case experience of ZTE, to apply 5G+AI to intelligent manufacturing, from single-point factories to intelligent supply. Each link of the network process has put forward practical solutions and implementation paths.

ZTE is using the power of technology to inject the heart of 5G into the industry and build a digital economy. At present, the company has developed more than 500 partners in 15 industries including industry, energy, transportation, government, finance, and new media, jointly explored nearly 100 innovative 5G application scenarios, and successfully carried out more than 60 demonstrations worldwide. The project has accumulated valuable experience for the innovation of 5G business model.


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